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Niko-Kiev's booth
at SIA '98, Kyiv,
June 23-27, 1998
Pavilion No. 9 of the National Exhibition Center,
100 sq. m

 Four fairly big cars exhibited within a small space.

To make the booth look more light-weight, its constructions are filled with panels made of real glass-made mirrors.

The booth construction completely follows the shape of the pavilion's pillars, joining them together into a single plane. This gives the effect of a wall getting wider with height, with the company logo at the top.

Mirrors, placed at an angle of 60 degrees to the floor, allow the cars to be looked at from an unusual viewpoint, and, additionally, create an "effect of presence", producing the illusion that there are twice as many items on display as are really in the booth. This effect is increased by sloping podiums.

In plastic terms, the booth complies with Mitsubishi Motors' corporate style, and the use of mirrors not only has the spatial function, but also has the color function with complex silvery corporate colors.

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