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MDM-Service's booth
at EnterEX '98, Kyiv,
February 16-21, 1998
Pavilion No. 9 of the National Exhibition Center,
308 sq. m

An image booth. A new level achieved in the exhibitor's business development required to create a monumental booth, using a big space.

This is an open booth, visible from all four sides.

The shell is made of standard OCTANORM constructions, completely hidden behind foam core panels.

About one third of the booth space has been used for office and accessory premises; the rest is utilized for the displayed items and booth personnel work.

Conceptually dominating the booth is a podium with a sculpture of a kneeling man in front of an Everest computer. Above it, there is a pyramid pointing down, which "hovers" in the air at the height of 7 meters, as a symbol of all the best items combined in this computer.

The booth has three office rooms, with a total space of approx. 30 sq. m, three accessory rooms, six registration desks to receive visitors, 15 podiums with computers, another podium with a sculpture of a man neeliny before a computer, and a car being the main prize for visitors.

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implemented projects   awards   gallery