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DatArt-Ukraine's booth
at Dream House '98, Kyiv,
October 20-25, 1998
Pavilion No. 7 of the National Exhibition Center,
100 sq. m

The different areas of the exhibitor's activities have been combined in this original design.

The booth is partitioned into the company's two areas of activities: radio equipment, and home electronics. Dominating the booth are big models of speakers made of lightweight materials. Each speaker has a luminous globe in its center, to implement the idea of "World of Music Music in the World". 

The booth is exposed to one aisle only, being in a row with other booths (closed from three sides).

The home electronics part of the booth has been designed in the corporate colors of the company which manufactures the displayed items. The decoration includes both flat and 3-D ornaments.

In the booth decoration, modern, lightweight and easily-installable materials have been used, simulating colors and textures of valuable types of wood. This allows the booth construction to blend harmoniously with the displayed items.

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