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Office magazine, No. 2, 1998:

Yuriy Chubatiuk,
President, MDM-Service

"We have been working with the Agency of Commercial Graphics for a long time now. This is not our first project done together (meaning MDM-Service's booth at EnterEX '98 - Editor's note), and projects have not only been in exhibitions. Just like in the past, the work has been done at a high professional level, and in my view, it has definitely been a success.

For us, the most important factors when choosing partners are their professionalism, their understanding of market realities and of the reputations of the companies they represent. The Agency of Commercial Graphics, while meeting all these requirements, is capable of finely balancing the job with the means to do it. There are not so many specialized design companies at this level in the market. We are quite selective, when talking about "exterior" things. Everything has to be coordinated with many people: PR managers, advertising and marketing agencies with whom we work, business development consultants, etc. There are also our Western partners, with their "artistic taste" and strong requirements for their corporate details. So, it is not an easy task. It needs patience, as well as persistence. The Agency of Commercial Graphics is a company capable of defending their views at any level, speaking to representatives of any business culture: American, European, or even Asian one."

Office magazine, No. 6, 1998:

Igor Kuzmin,
General Director, Niko-Kiev
Mitsubishi authorized dealer

"The procedure of preparing for the exhibition (SIA '98 - Editor's note) was quite simple. We decided what we want to exhibit, estimated the booth size and costs, and invited tenders from design companies for the best booth.

Having reviewed several proposals, we chose the original design solution by the Agency of Commercial Graphics and got approval from our partners. I cannot say the proposals we rejected were bad Ц rather, they were traditional, lacking "zest", and at the exhibition we saw traditional solutions like this at other companies' booths (e. g. Honda, Toyota). Mr. Suzuky, Mitsubishi's President for European Sales, who visited us at the exhibition, was very happy with the design of "his" booth."

about us   map   what our customers say